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How do I get started ?

We will be adding to the FAQs. From the experiences of our users. Please check again in a little while. 

Margaret Dalrimple comes in with a collection of local items that her grandparents, John and Dorothy Haversack, have collected. Some photographs of the Village, farms, Items of Church history. She mentions that there are further deposits to make. She wants to keep some personal items but others, she is happy to leave with the Organisation. How do we cope with all of these circumstances.

We want to digitise books that are in our collections, How do we deal with this.

One of our villagers, Joy Digger has a collection of 142 coins that she wants us to digitise but she wants to keep. She has a lot of specific information about these coins that will enhance the researchers experience. What do we do ?

The main school at Peopleton have photographs and artefacts that they feel would be of interest.

Last year Peopleton had a celebration of 1000 years of village life. There are photographs, videos and newspaper articles.

We already have a database but want to go forward using Community Chest

We have collected items over the years that we can not attribute to a source, How do we deal with this ?

We have discovered that we have accidentally given two different collections the same name. Is there anything we can do to correct this ?

We would like to delete an accession as it has been removed from our archive. How is best to do this ? Can the accession number be re used ?

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