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Select new ACCESSION.

The Accession screen will now come up with the next accession number already filled in.

Now create a new collection in the accession screen by selecting the + button next to collection entry box. Adding as much background information on John and Dorothy Haversack as you have available. ( collection ID would normally be JDH ). This will now be available on the drop down box , so can be easily selected when further donations are made.

The name of the donor ( in this case Margaret Dalrimple ) is added using the + button next to donor box.

Work your way down the Accession screen. In the description box you would put “Box of photographs of the Village, farms etc. and box containing Items of Church history”. As Margaret wants to keep the photos at home but leave the church items with Peopleton LHS. It would be logical to divide this accession in to Two separate items. This is done by selecting list from the drop down menu next to the DATA VIEW TYPE. Then the ADD button at the top of the item box. In the new item screen put short description such as “box of local photographs” in the description box then in the full description you can give details of the photos mentioning any key words you need to identify the individual photos. This will form part of the public search. Save and close.

Repeat for the second Item, in this case the Church history.

You now have the Collection of John and Dorothy Haversack with a single accession that comprises of 2 items.

Lastly, you need to enter the location for each item both the originals and if available the digital surrogates.

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