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A collection is all of the objects that are put into the archive by a source. This source can be an individual or another organisation such as a school or church. It can also be a titled Local project such as a " Big Dig". There may be an initial deposit by the source, followed by other deposits made later. They all form part of the same collection and so should be entered into the system as such.

How to add a New Collection :-

The Organisation is automatically filled in.

The Collection ID is either a short form of the collection name or you can use an identifier that you are already using.

The Collection name is the name you are giving this collection. The next collection part number is updated if there are subsequent deposits made.

Collection background information :-

Gives you an opportunity to put in information about the entity that the collection comes from. This will supply context to searchers.

Accessions list is automatically updated as accessions are added to the collection. 

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