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ArchAngel CREATOR is a program that allows the viewing, titling and describing of a collection of high resolution graphic images which can then be transferred to a portable media.


The ArchAngel package created will contain all of the images and text together with a stand alone viewing package. So that the viewer can read the images directly from the media, without need for viewing software to be resident on their PC. Ensuring that the recipient sees the images as you send them out.

The CREATOR program can be considered as a librarian who’s first task is to select a library shelf where the books ( packages ) are located. This should be a directory on a large area of free hard disc space, preferably a dedicated hard drive if available.


The packages ( Books ) which are then created by ArchAngel are placed in this directory. They can then be "loaned" out at any time in the form of a REVELATION Package.

This software is icon driven and simple to use.

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