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ArCapture provides a Project-based environment to manage multiple image capture utilising the Nikon and Canon range of high resolution cameras. We are adding new cameras progressively.

Please enquire if you have a specific requirement.



Facilities :-


Exposure button -- Capture/save  -- retake/save  -- capture/no save to allow crop adjustments -- insert blank page .


Align and focus facility


While using the camera settings, there is further adjustment of brightness, contrast and sharpness within Arcapture.


While using the camera settings, there is further Colour adjustment within Arcapture.


90/180 rotation of image.


For transparancies, there is the ability to capture the original together with a flipped vertical/horizontal--pos/neg -- colour/greyscale image corrected version.


Single or multiple crops ( up to 16 ) available, with sequential titling. Crops can be overlapped for book capture etc.


Titling of images :- up to 4 prefixes -- sequential numbering that can be offset for right then left page capturing, choice of 8 formats -- fixed suffix -- auto alphanumeric suffix if required. Enabling the digital image to be titled to correspond with the collections established format.


Images are saved automatically as they are captured. They can be saved in multiple file formats/sizes/locations.from a single capture.


Focus loupe/RGB reading that can be fixed or following the cursor for easy quality checking.


Switch between on going project and " on demand" capture. In "on demand" images can be simply saved out or printed. Then you can return to the project and remain in sequence.


Camera and software can be setup by a senior operator and then locked. The project can then be handed to a less experienced camera operator for capture.





Arcapture software in use with the Icam Vanguard Desktop camera system

If you are new to image capture for collections this may help

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